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I had been suffering from fatigue and a whole host of other unpleasant symptoms after contracting the Covid virus.

I felt utterly terrible and frightened that my life would not return to normal.

After receiving my first treatment of acupuncture from Marian, my symptoms heightened. But something extraordinary was happening.

Congestion that had been stuck for months started to move and leave my body. I endured this for three days. It was physically very powerful.

As a result everything improved, my chest and breathing, my sinus pain, my fatigue and my overall well-being. I continue to see Marian and my health continues to improve.


I went to see Marian because I had been suffering from middle back pain for about 13 years. The pain started after a motorbike accident that required surgery on my abdomen. It was particularly strong during the night, which prevented me from sleeping well. I had tried many other different approaches but none had a lasting effect so I decided to give acupuncture a chance after a friend's recommendation.

I felt really at ease as soon as I walked into Marian's practice. Her presence made me feel safe and confident that I had chosen the right professional. After checking my posture, she realised that it wasn't balanced - that my weight was not evenly distributed. During each session she addressed that issue using moxibustion and her magic needles and each time my body was put back in balance. The positive effect of the treatment on my back was clearly noticeable from day one, and after seven sessions spread over a few months the pain was completely gone. As a result, I became able to sleep deeply again, which felt like a miracle after so many years of frustration.

I'm very grateful to Marian because her treatment improved my life tremendously. I have much more energy and feel much happier now.



I have had a lifelong fear of heights that has frequently impeded my ability to enjoy a range of activities such as trail running and also driving whilst abroad. I was recommended to see Marian and was hugely sceptical but I am so delighted that I  ignored my preconceptions. From the moment I met Marian I felt confident she could help and the change she has brought about is nothing short of miraculous. I can only urge anyone contemplating tapping to seek Marian out. I cannot overstate the benefits of her approach.


Our daughter had a terrible flare up of eczema after having steroid and antibiotic treatment for pneumonia. It was all over her body, the worst it had ever been. Nothing we usually did was helping. So thankfully we found Marian, and using her gentle shonishin method, really helped to calm her sensitive skin and body. It got her to sleep, rest and become calmer. Her skin became much less red and itchy. Also her appetite improved along with her mood. She was very happy to come and see Marian, as it's such a quick non invasive treatment, and she could see it was helping her! It really has helped her, and we are so thankful to have found Marian.



I came to Marian when I was trying to get pregnant and experienced irregular or no ovulation due to hormonal imbalances. I started regular acupuncture sessions with her, and also followed her nutritional advice and took some herbal supplements. A few month later I ovulated more regularly and conceived fairly quickly. I have no doubt the combination of those things have helped me to get there.

I continued to visit Marian monthly during my pregnancy and she was an amazing support for all my pregnancy ailments physically and emotionally. I  noticed the difference of how my body issues were relieved and I felt less stressed and worried right after treatments. Thank you Marian!

Here is the result of your work, our little Zoe!


I first saw Marian to help with fertility. After just the first treatment I saw an improvement in my cycle as well as a reduction in my period pains.  I soon became pregnant and Marian initially supported my pregnancy. I always felt relaxed and more energised after each treatment.

I later developed hydronephrosis,  where she successfully treated not only my kidneys and the severe pain but also the multi-side effects. On one occasion I literally crawled into a treatment bent over in agonising pain and within two minutes Marian had reduced my pain and enabled me to stand up straight.

The doctors were at a loss as to why I was suffering so much pain and the only options were to ride out the pain or operate on my kidneys. Marian supported my kidneys throughout and I am convinced this is only reason that I did not develop any infections.

Marian is not only an amazing acupuncturist but she also put me at ease and understood and treated my emotional well-being.

Towards the end of my pregnancy, Marian provided a birthing acupressure lesson for my partner and me. This proved to be so effective, that it was the only pain relief I needed during labour!

I truly cannot put into words how thankful I am to Marian, I could not have got through my pregnancy without her. As a result of my experience, I am considering switching my studies from nutrition to acupuncture!



I initially came to Marian for fertility reasons following a recent miscarriage. I wanted help to recover and to become pregnant again. I knew I had come to the right place; her supportive and gentle approach treats the whole body and includes lifestyle and dietary advice. After seeing her for a few months, my menstrual cycle had regulated and I felt much stronger and calmer. Soon after, I found out I was pregnant again.

Marian treated me throughout pregnancy and addressed the various changes to my body, including varicose veins, disturbed sleep and heartburn. We found out that our baby was breech at 30 weeks and Marian showed me moxibustion techniques to do at home to help turn the baby around. She was an important part of helping me to approach my pregnancy and birth in a calm and relaxed way.

Marian has a deep and instinctive knowledge of the body, my experience was around fertility and pregnancy but she would be my first port of call for anything else that may arise. I would recommend her very highly indeed.



"Before starting acupuncture, I felt crushed by it all; now I feel I can shake it off and am feeling like 'me' again for the first time in months. I feel like I have a whole new lease of life. Side effects are less long lasting and less intense, whereas it should have been the opposite with the cumulative effect of the chemo treatment. Before I felt buried under it and couldn't see a way out. Now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel; it's the last leg of the marathon."



In the summer of 2014 I found I was becoming irrationally afraid of heights. Not just in relation to myself but also my loved ones.

Marian offered me a treatment that was new to me, inasmuch as it combined talking with an entrancing, physically repetitive tapping action on apparently random parts of my anatomy. My trust in Marian helped to overcome my natural scepticism. She talked to me in a confident, reassuring manner about hugely personal emotions and within an hour I had learned so much about my fear I was laughing with recognition of observations which should have been obvious, but which I’d not seen until then.

But more; the ideas stayed with me in a way I cannot explain and for once I don’t really want to. The subtle and strange readjustment that seemed to outlast the ‘conversation’ had an immediate beneficial effect. Gentle, not radical, but absolutely identifiable, the improvement has lasted to this day.

I am hugely grateful to Marian for what she achieved in one session, and grateful to our trusting relationship which allowed me to try something I would normally have avoided.




I wanted to thank you so much for all your help and support earlier in the year. You really did help me get through the worst period of my life. I thoroughly looked forward to coming in to see you and always went away feeling so much better and lighter and feeling more able to face my grief and challenges that it brought with it. I am delighted to be able to tell you that I am pregnant again! I will definitely come in to see you if I have any pregnancy issues over the coming months and in preparation for my labour. Thank you again so much.




I have had four sessions of Japaneses acupuncture over the last few weeks and there has been a marked improvement in my level of mobility and pain relief. After the first session although there was still quite restricted mobility and pain when walking there was an underlying stability in the knee which was not there before; this improvement has continued..A  combination of acupuncture a daily routine of knee exercises and Ibuprofen has markedly reduced the time it has taken my knee to recover compared to the previous quite severe flare up.

Patricia (age 70 years)



Marian Fixler was recommended to me by my Reflexologist to help me with my pregnancy problems. I had previously had three miscarriages over a period of five years and at the age of 41 was finding it difficult to conceive. Regular visits to Marian helped me regulate my cycle, improve my general health and rebalance my system. I also found that I was receiving more care and information about my situation than I did from general practicioners, which helped me enormously from a psychological point of view.

During that time I also lost my mother and the acupuncture helped me through the grief I was suffering of the loss of my babies and my mother. One of the biggest hurdles with fertility issues is being able to control the stress involved and while I was also receiving other medical treatments I am convinced they would not have been successful without the help of the acupuncture I received from Marian. Our beautiful baby daughter, Olivia Rose is testament to that.




I came to see Marian in the first trimester of pregnancy with my second baby, when I was dealing with ongoing nausea and general tiredness. I found the treatments really helped me to manage this period and continued to support me throughout my pregnancy. Marian worked wonders in addressing hip and back pains that I experienced - the treatments completely relieved the pains - so much so that my body felt in better condition than it did before the pregnancy! Marian also effectively treated a breech position of the baby, and the day after my final treatment I started labour naturally (having expected to be induced). My energy levels were also hugely improved, right through to the days before the birth. Marian has a wonderfully calming approach which, alongside her extensive knowledge and experience in particular relating to pregnancy, was extremely reassuring. I would thoroughly recommend acupuncture with Marian to all women having a baby and more generally. Thank you so much Marian for all your support!




I started seeing Marian when I was struggling to conceive. We knew we were on the road to IVF so I wanted to be in the best place possible during treatment.
As this took effect, Marian was great at being able to recognise what I needed at each session, be it acupuncture or EFT or both. I was in a safe space to be completely myself, which at times was all over the place! The sessions were so cathartic and I always left feeling more positive. I fell pregnant on our first round and had treatment throughout pregnancy and leading up to induction. I now have a healthy baby girl and she has a mummy who is a lot calmer than she was before! I can't thank Marion enough for the support and guidance through a really dark period.



I came to see Marian in my second trimester after reading about the benefits of acupuncture in pregnancy. I was struggling with insomnia, hormonal fluctuations and general anxeity over the impending birth and the post partum period. Regardless of how discombobulated I felt going into my appointments, I always left Marian feeling balanced and restored. Subsequently I also slept better the following week untill our next session. I not only felt the physical benefits of Marian's acupuncture treatments, but mentally, the treatments helped me to acknowledge, process and release my fears surrounding pregnancy, childbirth and child rearing. Her experience and warm demeanour also always made me feel safe and confident in our sessions together. It is not always easy finding practitioners who take their time understanding their patients from a holistic viewpoint, but it is clear that Marian is passionate about the care she provides and I've since recommended her to my fellow pre and post-natal friends.




I used Marian's services for two IVF attempts that were both successful. I enjoyed seeing Marian regularly prior and after the transfer of the embryos and it gave me the feeling that I was giving myself every chance of success. The treatment was also an opportunity to dedicate some time for myself, relax and step back.

Marian used a combination of needles and moxa. I particularly liked the Warm bamboo moxa on the back. I valued the time to discuss the treatment; this complemented the medical advice I received from doctors. I also saw Marian before giving birth and she showed me how to use birth acupressure, which I got my partner to do and was really useful on the day.



My husband and I had been trying for a baby for quite a while. I had previously been diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and had been on the contraceptive pill for a number of years, so first visited Marian in the hope that she could hlep regulate my periods. A few months later, a combination of acupuncture, lifestyle changes and simply time off the pill, had I believe, all contributed to me having a much more regular cycle.

However, finding ourselves still unable to conceive my husband and I underwent further test whereupon it was discovered that we were also facing oligozoospermia (very low sperm count). We were informed it would be impossible for us to have a child without ICSI.

At this stage my husband also began acupuncture with Marian, in addition to which he stopped drinking, got more sleep and so on. While it was physically impossible for any of these things to change my husband's sperm count in any significant way, we hoped that it would make the best of what we had to work with!

We began ICSI process, during which time I had acupuncture very regularly, particularly around the time of egg retrieval and embryo transfer. We were relieved to be told that thhe embryologists had found plenty of sperm (of the right shape and swimming in the right way!) with which to fertilise the eggs. A few weeks later, we were utterly delighted to find that I was pregnant. The baby is now due in two weeks time and we thanks Marian for helping us to get into the best physical state possible for the ICSI to work its magic.



Marian treated me over the course of a couple of years firstly for unexplained painful menstruation and then while I underwent fertility treatment. After experiencing the frustration and heartache of trying for a baby over a period of several years and the confusion of throwing myself into a range of complimentary therapies, I immediately found Marian's gentle yet confident approach a huge relief and knew I was in capable hands. My sessions with Marian both in her wonderfully peaceful garden in Highgate and at Shine in Stoke Newington provided much needed respite and relaxation and I always left feeling calm and, most importantly, positive about the future. I conceived after my second frozen embryo transfer and returned to Marian after overshooting my due date to encourage things to move along. The fact that my waters broke on the walk home from my final session with Marian is testament to the effectiveness of her treatment! My beautiful daughter was born in December 2012.



I went to see Marian to help alleviate stress, whichI believed was also affecting my chances of conceiving a second child. Having no experience and no expectations of acupuncture, I was surprised that after just one session I felt considerably calmer. After a few more treatments, I felt my stress subside.
When it subsequently emerged that I had underlying fertility issues, she adapted our sessions to focus on boosting my fertility. Marian supporeted me throughout my IVF journey and I really felt this made a difference.
I happily have a second child now after just one round of IVF, supplemented by Marian's well timed interventions.
Marian's approach to treatment is wholistic, which is a great strength. She imparted many useful tips and techniques to help me deal with my anxieties, as well as simply listening to me and offerring practical advice.
I remain grateful for her care and support during a difficult time.


My little baby daughter was born very shortly after the last time I saw you.  I like to think that our final acupuncture session really did move things along.

I really valued my time with you. I’m more of a pragmatic than a spiritual type so I understood the accupuncture as a method of improving circulation and the varicose veins as traffic jams in my circulation. I felt like I was doing something positive to improve my situation (over and above those detestable tights).  Over the long hot summer my legs had swollen up terribly and I’m sure the acupuncture sessions helped to keep those veins under control. Also, each time before I came to see you, I would pamper myself, shower, shave, put my toddler with a child minder and come and speak to you about me!! That in itself was valuable as I never seem to have time for myself and especially during that long hard pregnancy, those were islands of relaxation that were life saving. I would certainly recommend you to anyone suffering from varicose veins and have very positive memories of the time spent in your clinic.



Many thanks for the fantastic job you have done to help Thomas's congestion. His immune system has improved dramatically over the month he received the treatment.
Thomas (14months) - from his mum


I took my 18 month old baby to Marian to treat her digestion and eczema.  Marian's calm friendly approach immedidately put my daughter at ease and she was soon looking forward to regular sessions with the 'tap tap lady'!  Within six sessions my daughter's eczema has reduced considerably and her digestion has improved.  It's not easy putting one's toddler in the hands of someone else but I never doubted Marian's wisdom.  I would highly recommend her.  Thank you Marian for all your support.


I started the pre-birth preparational accupuncture with Marian at 36 weeks. I also did preparational accupuncture during my first pregnancy with my son in Berlin and found it very helpful for a natural birth. Seeing Marian was always a very relaxing experience where I could address concerns and problems which arose at that late stage of my pregnancy and which she treated really well.

Particular helpful were the accupressure points my partner used during labour. Marian gave me a booklet with all the useful points and explained me how to use them during labour. It made a huge impact on coping with pain and allowed me to give birth without any painkillers or medical interventions. The birth of my daughter was a truly magical experience and especially feeling very close to my partner in actively helping me cope with pain made it an even more special experience in my life. I can highly recommend Marians treatment to every expectant mum.

The treatments I received for nausea, faintness and low blood pressure throughout my pregnancy were stabilising and invaluable, and as my pregnancy progressed and I developed pelvic girdle pain acupuncture helped in the management of that pain.  Additionally acupuncture and daily moxibustion turned my large breech baby at 37 weeks against all odds given me by my obstetrician.

Thanks for all the treatments!


During my first weeks of pregnancy severe nausea and vomiting started. I received acupuncture before but Marian Fixler is specialised in pregnancy related treatment so I chose her treatment instead. The nausea persisted throughout my whole pregnancy, although the vomiting subsided almost immediately. The treatment had as positive result that I did not have to be admitted in hospital. I could manage the symptoms myself and stayed hydrated enough.

I have had by no means a straightforward pregnancy and I feel that the treatment and support of Marian has made a great difference.
I would recommend Marian's treatment to other pregnant ladies without hesitation and want to thank her for everything she has done for me throughout the last 7 months!


Apart from being a lovely personality, Marian's acupuncture treatment proved to be invaluable for me during my pregnancy. All of my pregnancy related conditions, like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, oedema and a posterior baby have found relief and got significantly better after some treatments. I feel that my body is well prepared for labour now. Marian also introduced me and my partner to acupressure for labour, resulting in my partner becoming very confident and involved with a very positive approach towards the birth of our baby.

Thank you very much for all your help, Marian.


The treatment I received from Marian helped me recover from lung surgery both medically and psychologically, using her expertise in acupuncture and the EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) that helped me feel more in control of my pain and recovery. Highly professional wiht a good dose of empathy and humour, Marian helped me feel that I was being cared for as a person as well as a patient.


I originally came to Marian for help after a series of early miscarriages and I strongly believe that it’s down to her knowledge, treatment and understanding that we were able to have our son (now 11 years old). Since that time I have continued to see Marian, originally for treatment after the removal of kidney stones (that developed as a result of the pregnancy), but subsequently for general health maintenance, alongside help with issues related to blood pressure and the menopause.

I really value my time with Marian – she creates a very calm atmosphere in her treatment room and it feels like a real treat to be there. And I benefit not just from the acupuncture itself, but her ability to listen, as well as the sound advice and expert knowledge that she offers. Her understanding of me, and my body, is invaluable and I highly recommend her and her practice.



I saw Marian after two attempts at implanting IVF embryos had failed. I found her very calm and encouraging, and the treatment seemed to have swift effect. Within a month my menstrual cycle was more regular. After two months I implanted an IVF embryo, which was successful, and I now have a healthy baby daughter.



I did acupuncture sessions with Marian going through 3 IVF cycles. Her kindness and empathy helped me so much in those difficult times. And I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! I highly recommend Marian and I am very grateful to her.