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  Also known as Emotional Freedom technique and ‘tapping’. It is part of an approach known as Energy psychology.

This technique involves tapping on acupuncture points in the upper part of the body whilst identifying particular negative emotions or physical ailments including painful conditions. An affirmation is also used as part of the technique as a way of acknowledging the negative whilst also reinforcing some positive statement about ourselves.

EFT developed out of an understanding that every thought and emotion causes a reaction in the brain and also registers in the physical body. We all know the feeling of being nervous about something and experiencing this as a feeling of butterflies in the stomach or possibly sweating in the palms.

EFT can be used to overcome unwanted emotions such as fear, guilt, shame and anger. It can be used to change unwanted habits and behavior such as smoking and cravings. It can also be used to address self-limiting and debilitating phobias and beliefs that stop us achieving the things we would like in our lives.

Distressing or uncomfortable experiences from the past can have an effect in present day and be activated by situations that are perceived to be similar, even if there is no current threat or danger. By stimulating these specific points on the body, electrochemical signals are sent directly to your brain at the same time as identifying the particular emotion that is causing the problem. Doing these two things simultaneously, enables the brain to shift its response to the situation.

A real strength of this technique is that alongside working with an EFT practitioner, this technique can be taught simply to apply on oneself as a self-help technique.


EFT has now had 43 randomized controlled trials and 39 outcome studies published indicating a range of positive outcomes for conditions such as post traumatic stress disorder, generalized and specific anxiety, phobias, depression and chronic pain]. A meta-analysis for anxiety disorders has found the pre-post effect size for the EFT treatment group was significantly higher than the effect size for combined controls. A systematic review and meta-analysis of both randomised and non-randomised trials for the treatment of PTSD in veterans demonstrated a large treatment effect size, when comparing EFT to treatment as usual or a wait-list conditions [34]. Another meta-analysis has indicated EFT treatment results in a large effect size( for the treatment of depression. This is of particular interest because a number of studies have noted an association between depression and weight loss, and obesity has been considered to cause or exacerbate depressive symptoms. Depression symptoms have been noted as improving after successful weight loss with EFT.

EFT results in significant changes in a range of variables related to weight. Significant improvements in weight, body mass index, craving intensity, subjective power of food, craving restraint and psychological coping occur with EFT, and lasts over 12-months. When compared to a gold standard treatment such as CBT, EFT has been found to be non-inferior in areas related to dietary restraint and food cravings. Cohen’s effect size values of EFT are moderate to high. This suggested that EFT was comparable to a gold standard, thus offering more evidence based options to clients.

Emotional Freedom Techniques for Food Cravings in Overweight Adults: A Comparison of Treatment Length

Peta Stapleton &  Hannah Chatwin - School of Psychology, Bond University, Queensland, Australia. July 2018


I’ve been seeing Marian Fixler for acupuncture for some time and credit her completely with stabilising my health issues. I’ve not had much experience with complimentary therapies and would not have continued if I hadn’t been able to see/feel for myself the impact her treatments had on me. After years of ill health, I gave birth to a beautiful daughter in my mid 40s and Marian has since treated her too. Recently Marian ran a Tapping course which I decided to join. It was amazing how something so simple as tapping on key points on your body can have such a profound impact. I attended in the hope of managing some of my stress responses and ended up getting so so much more from it. It’s so easy, and once learnt you can utilise it whenever needed. I can’t believe that something so simple could be so powerful and I’m hugely grateful to Marian for introducing me to it. Thank you. Alison

Can’t recommend Marian Fixler enough! I have received acupuncture from her to help me cope with a difficult time in my life and she has helped me unbelievable amounts! She also ran a group tapping session which was really powerful and gave me a tool to use daily to cope with general anxiety. Will definitely continue to see her! Felicity



For more information about EFT and the regulatory association, please go to:

AAMET (Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques)