Introduction to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/tapping) and Embodiment 7th February 2021 – 10am – 12.30pm

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In this workshop we will introduce and blend the practices of Embodiment with Emotional Freedom Technique. No experience of either practice is necessary, and the practices are simple and accessible to all.

Emotional freedom technique is a way of clarifying and clearing our mental self-talk through repetitive tapping on acupressure points. It is a simple and effective way of offering the body ways to overcome limiting self-beliefs. It can be used to change unwanted or unhelpful habits and behaviours as well as addressing blockages in the physical body.

Embodiment practices are gentle enquiries into body-based awareness. Through sensing in and exploring movements or qualities of rest felt through the body we can deepen our own self-awareness and self-dialogue. This helps to clarify another level of our thinking and feeling states from a body-based consciousness.

Blending these two modalities can help us to clarify what is thought, feeling and emotion? Where do we feel limitation? What does the body mind need to feel supported? Where are our resources ? What needs expression? Where do we feel possibility? Where do we feel stuck/blocked and how can we clear/move this through the body?

10.00-10.15 Arriving and grounding

10.15-10.45 Introduction to and practice of EFT

10.45-11.10 Embodiment enquiry

11.10- 11.15 Integration

11.15-11.30 EFT


11.35-12.00 Embodiment enquiry

12.00- 12.05 Integration

12.05-12.20 EFT

12.20-12.30 Sharing and closing

About the Practitioners

Melissa Softley:

Cert EDP (IBMT), CET (level 4), RYT (BWY), PgDip, BSc (Chem).

Melissa teaches both movement and anatomy. She has taught movement through yoga and embodiment for two decades and is passionate about connecting individuals with the profound intelligence of their own bodies. Embodiment practices invite us to listen into our tissues. By sensing how we feel in our internal and external environments we can connect with, clarify and attune to our thoughts and feelings. From feeling where we are in our embodied selves we can expand both choice and possibility.

Marian Fixler:

Dip Ac, Clin Ac (China) MBAcC, MEFT International, LLB(Hons)

Marian has been in clinical practice as an acupuncturist for 30 years and specialises in the gentle techniques of Japanese Acupuncture. She teaches in the UK and internationally and for many years worked as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Westminster. She is also an Advanced EFT practitioner and has used EFT as part of her practice over the last 12 years. Marian is passionate about yoga, Qi gong (and outdoor swimming!) and is very excited to be exploring how EFT & embodiment can be integrated in this creative way.

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