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Marian Fixler
LLB (Hons) Dip Ac Clin Ac (China) MBAcC, MEFTInternational


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We are delighted to confirm, that according to current Government guidelines, we are able to continue to provide care to patients with high level needs & urgent care. This can be discussed with you at the time of booking your appointment.

You can find this legislation here:

The relevant section states:

PART 3 -Businesses permitted to remain open…

  1. Dental services, opticians, audiology services, chiropody, chiropractors, osteopaths and other medical or health services, including services relating to mental health.

The position of the BAcC is that acupuncture performed by its members is absolutely a medical or health service and the BAcC is supported in this classification by the Professional Standards Agency.

I am delighted to be celebrating my 30th year in clinical practice and what a rich three decades it has been!

Click here for more information of my professional experience: Biography

I work in North London, practising in East Finchley and Stoke Newington.


I treat a wide range of physical (including pain related) and emotional health conditions and have a particular interest in fertility, pregnancy, preparation for childbirth and treating babies and children.

I worked for many years in an NHS GP practice (& published a paper on the clinical outcomes of using acupuncture with chronic conditions) and teach in the UK and internationally.

Specialising in Japanese Acupuncture, a gentle and effective form of treatment, using very fine needles, superficial, painless insertion and non-inserted techniques. This hands-on approach to diagnosis and treatment offers a dynamic system of feedback to both patient and practitioner. Click here for more information: Acupuncture Styles

As an Advanced EFT practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique – aka ‘tapping’), I can also offer remote sessions. ‘Tapping’ is a powerful & effective way of managing stress, anxiety & other emotional related issues that impact on our physical and mental health. It literally involves tapping on acupuncture points whilst focussing on the specific thoughts, feelings & physical issues that need attention. I also teach you to apply this wonderfully simple and effective technique at home. EFT can help you navigate a way through and strengthen your inner resources and make fundamental changes to your life. Click here for more information EFT Tapping

Come and join one of my group tapping sessions. See under Latest news for more information.


I am also able to offer support online – by phone or on a video platform such as Zoom.

Areas that we can cover remotely include:

  • Acupressure points for specific conditions
  • EFT tapping 1:1 or join my group tapping sessions
  • Advice re Qi gong exercises
  • Breathing techniques & mindfulness practice
  • Managing stress & anxiety
  • Diet & lifestyle


We are delighted to announce that BUPA will now cover acupuncture in its insurance policies. It also recognises the BAcC (British Acupuncture Council) as the relevant professional registering body in the UK. See Latest News



I have had four sessions of Japaneses acupuncture over the last few weeks and there has been a marked improvement in my level of mobility and pain relief. After the first session although there was still quite restricted mobility and pain when walking there was an underlying stability in the knee which was not there before; this improvement has continued..A combination of acupuncture a daily routine of knee exercises and Ibuprofen has markedly reduced the time it has taken my knee to recover compared to the previous quite severe flare up.

Patricia (age 70 years)

I saw Marian after two attempts at implanting IVF embryos had failed. I found her very calm and encouraging, and the treatment seemed to have swift effect. Within a month my menstrual cycle was more regular. After two months I implanted an IVF embryo, which was successful, and I now have a healthy baby daughter.


Apart from being a lovely personality, Marian's acupuncture treatment proved to be invaluable for me during my pregnancy. All of my pregnancy related conditions, like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, oedema and a posterior baby have found relief and got significantly better after some treatments. I feel that my body is well prepared for labour now. Marian also introduced me and my partner to acupressure for labour, resulting in my partner becoming very confident and involved with a very positive approach towards the birth of our baby.

Thank you very much for all your help, Marian.



You can get more information on current scientific research into the effectiveness of acupuncture by visiting the following sites:

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