About Pre-Conceptual Care

Fertility can be compromised due to many gynaecological conditions including the ones listed below.

Irregular menstrual cycles
Long/short cycles
Anovulation (no ovulation)
Amenorrhoea – scanty/no periods
Dysmenorrhoea – painful and/or heavy periods
Metrorrhagia – spotting/bleeding outside the period
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
Fibroids, cysts or polyps
Recurrent miscarriage
Hormonal imbalances

If you suspect that you have any of the above

It is important to consult your GP who can arrange for further tests to be carried out.

Acupuncture helps to bring the body more into balance both physically and emotionally. During an acupuncture consultation, attention is also paid to lifestyle and nutrition with the aim of promoting optimum health to maximize the chances of conception.

We treat couples who are trying to conceive naturally as well as those who are attending fertility clinics for Assisted Conception such as IUI, IVF and ICSI. Acupuncture can be a helpful complement to these other interventions at all stages of the treatment process. Acupuncture is experienced as a valuable support as part of what is often a physically and emotionally demanding journey. Stress is known to contribute to infertility and acupuncture can help with relaxation at this time.

For more detailed information, please visit the Acupuncture Childbirth Team, London website.


Acupuncture performed around the time of embryo transfer: a systematic review & meta-analysis

Acupuncture may have a significant effect on clinical pregnancy rates, independent of comparator group, when used in women who have had multiple previous IVF cycles, or where there was a low baseline pregnancy rate.



Acupuncture for infertile women without undergoing assisted reproductive techniques (ART): A systematic review and meta-analysis

Subgroup analysis showed that comparing with pure western medicine intervention, no matter intervention with acupuncture alone, with acupuncture plus western medicine, with acupuncture plus Chinese medicine, or acupuncture plus Chinese medicine and western medicine, all of these subgroups exhibited significant improvement. The subgroup according to different types of infertility showed a significant improvement in infertility caused by polycystic ovary syndrome, tubal infertility, ovulatory disorder, and other factors. In addition, the ovulation rate and endometrial thickness were significantly increased.


I came to Marian when I was trying to get pregnant and experienced irregular or no ovulation due to hormonal imbalances. I started regular acupuncture sessions with her, and also followed her nutritional advice and took some herbal supplements. A few months later I ovulated more regularly and conceived fairly quickly. I have no doubt the combination of those things have helped me to get there.

I continued to visit Marian monthly during my pregnancy and she was an amazing support for all my pregnancy ailments physically and emotionally. I noticed the difference of how my body issues were relieved and I felt less stressed and worried right after treatments. Thank you Marian!

Here is the result of your work, our little Zoe!

Irregular Periods And Infertility - Nina

I wanted to thank you so much for all your help and support earlier in the year. You really did help me get through the worst period of my life. I thoroughly looked forward to coming in to see you and always went away feeling so much better and lighter and feeling more able to face my grief and challenges that it brought with it. I am delighted to be able to tell you that I am pregnant again! I will definitely come in to see you if I have any pregnancy issues over the coming months and in preparation for my labour.
Thank you again so much.

Fertility & Bereavement Post Still-Birth - Jemma

I started seeing Marian when I was struggling to conceive. We knew we were on the road to IVF so I wanted to be in the best place possible during treatment.

As this took effect, Marian was great at being able to recognise what I needed at each session, be it acupuncture or EFT or both. I was in a safe space to be completely myself, which at times was all over the place! The sessions were so cathartic and I always left feeling more positive. I fell pregnant on our first round and had treatment throughout pregnancy and leading up to induction. I now have a healthy baby girl and she has a mummy who is a lot calmer than she was before! I can't thank Marion enough for the support and guidance through a really dark period.

IVF & Pregnancy Support - Jasmine

I saw Marian after two attempts at implanting IVF embryos had failed. I found her very calm and encouraging, and the treatment seemed to have swift effect. Within a month my menstrual cycle was more regular. After two months I implanted an IVF embryo, which was successful, and I now have a healthy baby daughter.

Implantation Issues - Fertility - Lara

My husband and I had been trying for a baby for quite a while. I had previously been diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and had been on the contraceptive pill for a number of years, so first visited Marian in the hope that she could hlep regulate my periods. A few months later, a combination of acupuncture, lifestyle changes and simply time off the pill, had I believe, all contributed to me having a much more regular cycle.

However, finding ourselves still unable to conceive my husband and I underwent further test whereupon it was discovered that we were also facing oligozoospermia (very low sperm count). We were informed it would be impossible for us to have a child without ICSI.

At this stage my husband also began acupuncture with Marian, in addition to which he stopped drinking, got more sleep and so on. While it was physically impossible for any of these things to change my husband's sperm count in any significant way, we hoped that it would make the best of what we had to work with!

We began ICSI process, during which time I had acupuncture very regularly, particularly around the time of egg retrieval and embryo transfer. We were relieved to be told that thhe embryologists had found plenty of sperm (of the right shape and swimming in the right way!) with which to fertilise the eggs. A few weeks later, we were utterly delighted to find that I was pregnant. The baby is now due in two weeks time and we thanks Marian for helping us to get into the best physical state possible for the ICSI to work its magic.

PCOS & Sperm Abnormalities - Nadja

Marian treated me over the course of a couple of years firstly for unexplained painful menstruation and then while I underwent fertility treatment. After experiencing the frustration and heartache of trying for a baby over a period of several years and the confusion of throwing myself into a range of complimentary therapies, I immediately found Marian's gentle yet confident approach a huge relief and knew I was in capable hands. My sessions with Marian both in her wonderfully peaceful garden in Highgate and at Shine in Stoke Newington provided much needed respite and relaxation and I always left feeling calm and, most importantly, positive about the future. I conceived after my second frozen embryo transfer and returned to Marian after overshooting my due date to encourage things to move along. The fact that my waters broke on the walk home from my final session with Marian is testament to the effectiveness of her treatment! My beautiful daughter was born in December 2012.

Dysmenorrhoea & Infertility - Lizzie

I went to see Marian to help alleviate stress, which I believed was also affecting my chances of conceiving a second child. Having no experience and no expectations of acupuncture, I was surprised that after just one session I felt considerably calmer. After a few more treatments, I felt my stress subside.

When it subsequently emerged that I had underlying fertility issues, she adapted our sessions to focus on boosting my fertility. Marian supported me throughout my IVF journey and I really felt this made a difference.
I happily have a second child now after just one round of IVF, supplemented by Marian's well timed interventions.

Marian's approach to treatment is holistic, which is a great strength. She imparted many useful tips and techniques to help me deal with my anxieties, as well as simply listening to me and offering practical advice.
I remain grateful for her care and support during a difficult time.

Infertility & Support with IVF & Stress Management - Gina